Anonymous: Fuck you're amazingly attractive :) 

Haha thx

Anonymous: post a pic of your abs please c; 


Anonymous: you're perfection tbh 


I made this myself.. reblog if you want more
Anonymous: Is that you in your picture thingy?? (Forgot the word, sorry) 

Yes ofcourse

Anonymous: What languages do you speak? (Sorry for being so random, just curious) 

Dutch french english and german

Anonymous: Waar blijven de posts?? 


Anonymous: Yeeeees!! Kvond je blog echt al goed, maar nu wordt het geweldig! ^^ 

oh thx

Anonymous: All I ever really want to know is how other people are making it through life. Where do they put their body hour by hour and how do they cope inside of it 

ask it to everyone you see ;) goodluck

Anonymous: Love posts zijn goooood, maar waarom niet veralgemenen naar black and white posts? Das wat abstracter en kvind dat wel bij je passen hahah :p 

ja ge hebt wel gelijk… black and white gifs dus word het :)

Anonymous: Love sucks 


Anonymous: Van waar je url?:) 


Anonymous: Ik ben al weg ! 


Anonymous: I think you should just poste what you feel 

i think i will continue posting love stuff 

Anonymous: de anon die niet gaat zeggen wie ze is 

ga dan weg :( pf